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DC versus Philly. A comparison rating, by category, of the atmosphere, housing, food, culture, public transportation and jobs in these two cities, at Kittens with Mittens.

Metro elevator outages are on the rise, well, it’s more than a rise, it’s some sort of a systematic breakdown, writes Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. But is there an underlying conspiracy to this?  The writer makes some estimates at the number of outages and number of workers to make a case.

Haydee’s Restaurant in Mount Pleasant is the best option for a burrito fix, writes District Of …

Everything was amazingly delicious, not only then but the next day when I devoured the leftovers for dinner. Total cost? Just $12 for the massive entrée and margarita (before tip).

Is it really better? Compare and contrast the old and new DC Taxi Zone Map at The Land of JD.

A pedestrian is killed at 4th St. and New York Ave., and a writer at Mount Vernon Square expresses her alarm over the city’s neglect of pedestrian safety.  None of the other cities the writer has visited allow sidewalk closings like DC and hopefully DC will smarten up soon and force developers to continue to accommodate pedestrians during the never-ending construction process. 

A column in Newsweek by a woman who shot a Cardinal because it was banging into her window has upset birders.  A DC Birding Blog.

Evidence of snow in DC at Random Duck. Nice photo.

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