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DK, a retired Army officer, measures the toll of Iraq and reconsiders impeachment.  An excerpt from A Silent Cacophony:

The stench and stain they will have left has no parallel that I can see, in American history. They have to go, and there can be no pardons for them for what might follow. I’m personally ashamed of being complicit, even if by only being a taxpayer, by what has taken place in the name of this country that I do love

The suburbs aren’t all bad, says DC Katastrophe after spending some time in Va. and attending the The Cat Empire concert at the State Theater.

The National Vandalize the World for Uma Day never ended and is ongoing, reports theaterboy. People scrawling and carving and spraying Uma’s name on stuff. You may come across it. Rules, too.

D.C. Eat A Washingtonienne’s Gastronomic (Mis)Adventures. An entertaining approach to the subject. Such as Ben’s Chili Bowl: “Clean and Articulate” and Coppi’s Organic = Food Porn?

Chinese New Year number 4705 is upon us starting February 18, reports Gallery Place Living. Link to events. 

An outstanding photo of a freight train passing through Kensington Station  by Silver Spring Daily Photo.

For the latest doom and panic news, Capital Weather.

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