DC Blogs Noted

Didja see me? Didja see me? Always Write pens a short piece for the Washington Post about the arrival of wrinkles. After the story appears, it’s not just wrinkles arriving. Excerpt:

At that moment my call waiting beeped and again I answered blindly, like a fool. Christopher said that while he totally respects my (fictitious) relationship, he was wondering if we could have a coffee — just as friends. I told him I’m very busy at work and barely have time even to see my… (God, forgive me for lying) boyfriend.

Your latest only-in-DC career choice at EavesdropDC

Project Beltway  a DC fashion blog, describes itself as a celebration of style in Washington: the girl on the subway who looks so put together (where did she get her SHOES?!), the guy in a great pair of jeans (you won’t ask, so I’ll ask for you), the executive who gives the “power suit” its name.

Of dealings with a bicycle crook. This writer is approached by someone riding  a sweet Bianchi Pista who said he just paid $100 for it and just like that the red flag went up in my head. Kmax Trax

Tips for the First-Time Home Buyer, writes Pop Pop Bang. Sharp edged advice. Excerpt: Skip the house next to the Bail Bondsman and Liquor Store. You don’t want to go in there.

Washington Horror Blog, Semi-fictional chronicle of the evil that infects Washington, D.C.

Photo: Part of the DCBlogs crew has relocated to Tampa to wait out the storm.