DC Blogs Noted

Where does the FOUD box go? It’s moving day for KC at Where’s My Cape and it does not go well.  It begins:

I don’t think I have many enemies, but even if I had some nefarious demons in my life, I would certainly not wish moving upon them. I’m not that cruel.

Three tales of annoying people by Alex, If you see something, say something.
Steve Jobs is disrupting the status quo, writes Andy at Too Many Words. A probing piece. Excerpt: I love my MacBook Pro and I am a deep believer in the Apple philosophy towards computer design. I’ve just never been a subscriber to the larger-than-life persona created by/around Jobs himself.

Best opening sentence about a Metro ride goes to an OC girl living in an extraordinary world.  From the post, just another Metro ride horror story

You know, I’m beginning to think that your Metro ride is only as good as the people you’re riding with.

Reno 911 cast on the Metro, reports killoggs.

A grandfather is remembered by I wish I was like you, easily amused. A touching post that begins:

“Stand up straight,” my grandfather used to always tell me. My grandfather had impeccable posture. I had a terrible habit of slouching. To try to correct this, my grandfather used to make me walk around the house with a yardstick across my back with my arms behind the ruler to hold it in place. It forced me into a shoulders back, chest out walking position. Unfortunately, it did little to improve my posture.