DC Blogs Noted

You would expect a government-sponsored blog about reducing greenhouse emissions to be as exciting as a high school science class, but that’s not what’s going on in Arlington. The writers of this county-sponsored blog are sharing their personal adventures to cutback on energy use. This is a very good effort and potential role model for other government led blogging efforts. It’s called AIRE Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions.

Making restaurant reservations online? Beware of the deposit requirements. A warning based on experienced at The Appetizer.

DC Eat. A food writer who can read a man by the food he buys.

The Blonde Menace is back and reveals herself as the author one of the most popular posts to ever appear in this  column.

DC Crime VictimThose were the words I read the other day on a button pinned to the lapel of a man’s coat, writes Janet at On Rush Hour in DC.   The button prompts her to write about her own experience with crime and wonders: While I empathize with the buttoned gentleman, I wondered at his choice to advertise his plight.

Pretty in Pink. Many photos of a dog in pink. Girasol.

Do blondes have more fun? I know they get more attention. What happens after extreme blonde highlights, reports Crazy Girl City.