DC Blogs Noted

Red Panda Zone’s day included slipping on ice, falling in mud and getting proposition by a neighbor in search of a good time. Dry and sharp humor. Excerpt:

Now, my falling is not a newsworthy event. In fact, it’s an annual winter tradition. But what is noteworthy, I thought, was that none of the people around me helped me get up, or asked if I was OK. In fact, one man actually stepped over me.

Me to Macy’s saleswoman: “Are these boots good for the snow?” See So DC for the rest.

NE no-taxi roundup. Most taxi companies won’t come to my house in Eckington, writes New Kid on the Eckington BlockCan’t get a cab in Woodridge, either, writes Minerva and the Muse. Wikipedia: Woodridge, Eckington

Jake the dog and the fire engines in perfect pitch. Video. Funny. The Gold Poppy.

Washingtonian starts entertainment blog, After Hours. A writer is the blogger at outta mind outta site.

Gore’s Film Wins; Will Bush Demand A Recount? Delilah Boyd

A new blog, The DC Urban Gardener News, committed to teaching earth-friendly gardening practices and environmental stewardship in DC.