DC Blogs Noted

Oh Lord it Feels Like I’m Dyin’. A medical scare brings pain and worry but most importantly a realization. A very powerful post by the blogger at I Now Pronounce You. It was recommended by Mandy, who wrote in a note: …  it was, well … perfect.  I wish we all had more moments like this one … An excerpt:

My fiancé sitting there watching this all with a shell shocked look on her face. And there’s nothing I can do. Nothing I can say. I can barely speak b/c the pain and the shortness of breath is just so paralyzing. I wanted to say “I love you”. I wanted to say “I’m sorry.” I just wanted.

A hot lady contest at the GWU college bar McFaddens becomes a truly terrifying spectacle, in a post, Why 30 Year Olds Should Not Frequent College Bars by the blogger at Hey Pretty. Recommended by Meghan. An excerpt:

Now, if that makes them happy, it’s their business and not mine. But my maternal, sensible side was aghast and sadden by what it saw. Where’s the line between liberated self-acceptance/pride over one’s body and shameless exploitation? 

Revelations that Al Sharpton and Strom Thurmond share a common past came from Ancestry.com. It’s a resource that I know first hand, writes Bruce Johnson. Ancestry.com helped me piece together parts of my slave past.

DC’s Newest Literary Magazine is called Lines & Stars, writes kwest at A Portable Snack, who has a story published in it.

Sound advice at the urban trekker blog: Dealing with Noise Level in Condos.

DC ou d’ailleurs – Washington en photos. Good work.