DC Blogs Noted

In the Comfort of Animals. A beautifully written, touching essay about a lifelong love of pets. Pets of all kinds. By Adventures in Wedding Photography. An excerpt: 

When a kid in middle school brought a mouse to play practice to feed to his snake, I handed over all my lunch money I had for the week ($13 I believe) to save him. When I came out to the car, bawling and clutching my backpack carefully, my mom couldn’t understand why I was so upset. I thought she would be mad that I would bring a mouse home.

Once a Marine … A Silent Cacophony. Marines are different.  For one thing, they don’t like multi-syllabic words.

A Starbucks criticism the company can take to heart. The Dumping Ground.

Things seen or overheard this weekend. Fictional Rockstar
Marrakech Palace in Dupont Circle, a diner’s report. Nomad Wannabe

On the scene: Congressional allies John Murtha (D-PA) and Jim Moran (D-VA) lunching on the cream of mushroom soup with reporter Bob Woodruff at the Grill in the Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City. Hecate

Hip Mommies of Washington DC. Things to do with children.

Dr. Sketchy at Palace of Wonders, a report at DC Conspiracy.