DC Blogs Noted

The blog, DC Home and Condo Prices, is an informative and eye-opening resource for real estate data. What makes it especially interesting is the research the writer has put together on condo sales at various buildings, such as The Rhapsody on Vermont NW. Sale prices as well as profit/loss on flipped units is included. Check out links as well to maps used to chart sales around the District. 

Only in DC. Overheard. Very short and funny at palewire.

Ann Coulter’s crude and attention-seeking behavior gets the Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog treatment, while why.i.hate.dc takes issue with WaPo’s [expletive delete].

Photos from preppy heaven at Project Beltway. The fashion set at Smith Point.

Top 5 things I daydream about while I’m riding the Metro. DC Viking.

Strange signs at the Silver Spring MARC Station. Photos at The Blog from Nowhere.

ugoseven, a DC-based fashion designer and writer, writes about DC Fashion Week.  It begins: What do you get when you host a series of fashion shows in a fashion vacuum of a city? I don’t know either, but if I had to guess it would look something like DC Fashion Week.

10 Reasons to Love and Hate Living in DC by the DC Divas at I Heart Washington DC!