DC Blogs Noted

A California visitor catches a snippet of an incomprehensible conversation. The post: Syntax and the City at LA Observed

Whom do you call when you see fire engines in this neighborhood? Answer: The writer at Alice’s Adventures Underground.

A local blogger is in Wikipedia for his early political blogging efforts but the latest blog by Peter Orvetti’s Night Writer is more focused on raising a family.

Which house doesn’t fit? Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space makes a sharp point with a photo.

Regarding the recent court decision allowing gun ownership in DC: Coming from a place steeped in gun culture (Texas, God help me), I can’t help thinking this is a huge step backwards. Fifth and Oh

Queuing Theory and CVS. Charlotte Harris.

Big Sky Girl and Beltway Buzz is a classic story about how self-centered some folks can be in this town, writes Janet at On Rush Hour in who recommends, in particular, the second vignette