DC Blogs Noted

When Terrance at The Republic of T arrived in DC in the early 1990s, Dupont Circle was ours, a safe place for gays and lesbians. But it’s changing, and he examines those changes in the post, There Goes the Gay-borhood. An excerpt:

I knew the moment Dupont changed for me. It was the day I stopped in my tracks on Connecticut Ave. and saw that a Lane Bryant outlet had opened. Nothing against the store, mind you. But I don’t know many lesbians who shop there. It was a sign that the neighborhood had changed. And that was OK.

What goes through the minds of parents when a child begins spending time away? Here’s a perspective in an ultimately amusing post about raising a child. Pie Pants. An excerpt: 

What do you do the first time he comes home crying because someone said something mean to him? I think the idea that your child now has to go through life, the way you went through it, is terrifying.

There are two things that you shouldn’t do in a public restroom.  First, don’t get on your cell phone and talk to your significant other/boss/potential date while standing in front of a urinal, especially in a crowded airport. “Yes, I’ll complete that (flush) by Monday (flush, flush).” Second, you really don’t want this to happen. Avert Your Eyes.

DC is a small (and weird). There’s no other way to describe two sightings in four days of the fellow with the question mark clothing, car, etc. life off balance.

An amazingly true, sophomoric, ashamed to admit, WaPo fact, which, while almost certainly destined for Jay Leno infamy, was fortunately, to the best of our limited knowledge, missed by DC’s blogging wags, who may be exhibiting far more good sense, if not exceptionally sensitive tact and gentle manners, which is all but missing here along with the grammar, but the point, aside from a sincere apology for even bringing this to your attention, is look here.

Photo Credit: Meghan