DC Blogs Noted

Metro passengers turn a delay into an ugly experience that extends to a cab ride. MidnightThirty reports, in the post DC is Doomed.

“Excuse me! Hello! Where are you going to put this person?”

“In the back,” he replied.

“Oh hell no, I’m not moving over, I don’t know this random guy!”

SAF – not looking … I think. Michelle at Diary of a Mad Asian Woman is trying online dating but realizes that her heart isn’t in it. Excerpt: Maybe I’m just old fashioned. I don’t like meeting guys online. It’s like I have to convince them how great I am before ever meeting me.

Kristen at Candy Sandwich goes Salsa dancing at Rumberos in Columbia Heights and provides a descriptive account. Excerpt: Cowbells clanged and brass blared into a smooth suave sound and I fell half in love with the music, the pictures and the waiter.

You are about to get married and someone will ask if there’s any doubt. Of course there is. The Perpetual What Ifs at I Now Pronounce You: A blog about Getting married…from the groom’s side of the aisle. Nod to LMNt for the recommendation

Interior photograph of Cafe Luna. Nice work at Ted

The trip from Portland, Me. to DC for the protest was a nightmare from start to finish, writes the blogger at White Noise Insanity.

Designer garbage: Patterned trash bags at Brightest Young Things.

April 15th isn’t the only deadline. There was a March 15th and upcoming May 15th ones as well. It’s explained at the Life and Times of Accounting, in a post titled Tick, Tock, Tick Tock …

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Photo: Protest sign this weekend.