DC Blogs Noted

Bush and the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war, by LaurieWrites. Excerpt:

He indicated that wrapping things up over there is “not gon’ be easy,” sort of like a mechanic – say, the one on the Andy Griffith Show, specifically – might indicate of a busted engine.

Too self-important to clean-up. Office rant: Read this post NOW, jerks! Are Seven.

DC Has 14% Subprime Loans writes Urban Trekker. Very good, well-referenced post.

My first cheesecake. Photo tells what happened. Eat With Me

The Chilaquiles Smackdown, a report from the annual brunch at Slow Cook, who discovered the merits of this dish during a trip to Mexico.  There’s a recipe in case you feel hungry after reading it. An excerpt:

A good batch of chilaquiles has just enough chew to make the teeth moan with pleasure. So simple, so good. We had to have more when we got home from Mexico, so we started an annual (sometimes) chilaquiles brunch with our friends …

Six Flags “concierge service” is an attack on amusement park democracy. It’s a practice that gets scalded, deservedly, by the DC Universe, in Six Flags over Stupidity. Excerpt:

They must really be getting desperate.  And come on.  “The masses”?  Way to dismiss the 99% of your customer base who can’t afford the VIP tickets.  Why not just refer to them as “commoners”?

Aileen at Infinite Connections provides a list of her favorite male bloggers. The list could be longer if more men blogged.

Shiftless Badger goes to the Wonderland Ballroom for the first time last week and loves it. He writes:: It would not be out of place in Milwaukee.

The City Paper blog is at odds with the Washington Post’s recent report about H Street’s new activity. Frozen Tropics has a round of links.

Blogger Events:

Arlington bloggers are invited by What’s Up Arlington to come to the Carpool in Ballston Wednesday March 21 at 7 p.m. for an event called “Beers with the Blogger.”

If you want to meet the person behind the incredible PostSecret, Frank Warren, he’ll be at Barnes & Noble in Bethesda, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. He will also be at the American Visionary Art Museum on April 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.