DC Blogs Noted

DC is so seemingly rigid in mores and manners that anyone who acts out of the ordinary is automatically assumed to be a little crazy. But Rebecca at Literal Reality reaches a different conclusion about a singing Metro rider. An excerpt:

… by the time he got off, I was a little jealous. Not of air drumming. I have no desire to air drum. But his complete lack of caring. He could care less what we thought of him …

In this case: The blog of people telling their stories about the law. Jury duty, jail time, divorce court, and more….Excerpt from the about section:

I edit the stories. Some are sent to me; some are drawn from interviews with people who want to talk in person. I keep each story as true as possible to the words and voice of each person. If you have a story for the blog, please let me know – I love to help people be heard.

So, I think I might be pregnant. Is how the post at Just trying to keep the moxie going begins. What follows is a self-diagnosis based on a particular food obsession.

A blog about the Ballston Arts and Crafts Market

Blogger Event:

It’s the monthly Blogger Meetup, Tonight — Wed., March 21 — at RFD in Gallery Place. Starting at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited.