DC Blogs Noted

This Girl’s Life by FreckledK. She was her father’s favorite child, a status that drew hostility from others in the family …. but then he was gone …

… and there would be no rescue in my immediate future.  Although I still had one parent remaining, when my father passed away I became an orphan or, more accurately, a step-sibling with a story that rivaled that of Cinderella.

When Tragedy Hits Home: A Call For Help. A fire with tragic consequences prompts an appeal at Sour N Sweet: The post begins:

Monday, my roomie Kate returned home from a weekend in Charlottesville and when she walked in the door, something just didn’t seem right. Considering I’ve known her my entire life, it’s not hard for us to read when something’s up. I was right, but I wish I hadn’t been.

Art News: Wanna go to nude body painting party in DC this Friday?

For some insight into how home sales are doing in a part of the city, check out February home sales at Petworth News.

Awfully Wedded Husband.  Domestic disturbance at What Are Men Thinking?