DC Blogs Noted

Serial killers need not reply. What’s not to like about the title of this post by Where’s My Cape? It’s about that online oxygen supply known as Craig’s List. An excerpt:

The emails came so fast I didn’t know what hit me. Some clearly from seasoned Craigslisters who knew the magic words to sprinkle in a reply: “cash in hand”, “today”, “when can I come and pick it up?”

Best Italian Market Ever. An excerpt by Bethany of Kings of the Road about her introduction to Cornucopia.

As Ibrahim handed me the sandwich, he said in sultry accent, “I hope this sandwich is the start of a new relationship…with my store.”

Adventures in public nursing. Virginia allows it, and evidently DC has no law. Sandblower. An excerpt: For the most part I think I’ve been pretty discreet, although sometimes I see someone looking at me and I start to wonder.

When sick, she doesn’t go to the doctor. She plays rugby, skis and likes to blog. Almost all of these activities have a high risk of injury, writes Jamie. The post: Jamie Likes Pain.

New food blog, DC Dishes, reviews Huong Que at Eden Center. Excerpt: An ethnic eatery like this one, even with its somewhat Americanized flavors, can be a difficult nut to crack. The menu, with more than 200 items, can be a touch overwhelming.