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This blogger moves from DC to Mississippi and draws some sharp contrasts. Addicted to Change by Documentation of the plan He had for Sunny. An excerpt:

If I learned anything, our heart’s desire isn’t always what we really wanted. For the first twenty years of my life, I knew that I wanted to live in a charming urban neighborhood. What I didn’t know was that paying $3k rent a month sucks enough to dash the charm of any neighborhood

Shoutout to the Secret Service. DC police said it would take an hour to come out to write a report about the car with a busted window and stolen amp. But some Secret Service agents on the scene in Adams Morgan help out the bloggers (and pose for pictures) at DC from the Front Page. Excerpt:

… and the next thing we knew, there were five of them there, photographing the car, taking fingerprints and hanging out. Apparently the Secret Service is responsible for protecting embassies, hence the seemingly random patrol that found us sitting on the sidewalk at 11:30 pm.

L’Enfant Plaza may be in the city but you wouldn’t know it from the food. DC Donut tries to find lunch, and writes:  I spend lots of money on food that goes to waste. I am a double-waster wastoid.

After living in the ‘burbs, this echoditto blogger is now living on The Hill.  He knows what urban living brings, and writes: 

….  so when an officer approached me this morning on my way to the bus stop, I was certain he was going to ask if I had been witness to some crime the previous night. Instead, he introduced himself and handed me a flier. Officer Holland of DC’s 1st District is using Yahoo Groups to create a “Public Safety Community Group” in my neighborhood as part of a new safety campaign. A self-professed “amateur internet junkie”, Officer Holland wants to incorporate new technologies to engage and inform the community.

One way to show a house: EasternMarketOneBedroom

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