DC Blogs Noted

When a patient develops a fever it’s a sign that cannot be ignored, writes Wyatt of Foggy Bottom Lantern, and such is the case with global warming. An excerpt from his post: A Fevered Earth.

Without a fever, a cough is merely a bronchial irritation, but with one it is pneumonia. A swollen joint from trauma is not an emergency, unless it is accompanied by fever, in which case the joint is presumed to be septic and must urgently be drained. The body has a highly refined control mechanism for temperature, and when it runs off course it is not by accident …

Risking punishment from her European friends, Stine of DC, Baby, an international student who grew up in Sweden, explains why she is becoming an American. An excerpt:

…  I have even drank beer out of a red and white plastic cup. So maybe your work is done here – I am American – in soul if not by passport.

Looking 2 Live and Draw Conclusions on the Wall are husband and wife who write separate blogs. But they recently shared a common topic: their missing dog. (Nod to Erika)

Refinishing original hardwood floors in a 100-year-old rowhouse is a project. And this floor restoration work is chronicled with photos, as well as other home improvement projects, at the blog, Ledroit Park Rowhouse

DC Rollergirls Expo is attended by Kittens with Mittens who offers a check list of things she liked about it. Including, No. 9: 2 hours of speed, falls, pushing, obscene finger gestures, tights and skates — check

So DC wants a slogan, how about DC: Come Have Your Filibuster of Fun, and others suggested at The Appetizer. A Portable Snack offers:  What Happens in DC Stays in the Water Supply.

Don’t Be SilentSpeak out against street harassment in DC, is the name of a new blog that is seeking stories and photos from people about street harassment.