DC Blogs Noted

A note for self-indulgent, rude men. Observed behavior by the writer at A Serious Job is No Excuse. (Nod to Kathryn). An excerpt:

Two Thursdays ago, while on a first date at the Ritz in Georgetown, a couch-ful of ladies had my waiter deliver to me a note and a second Kir Royale after my companion excused himself from the table to take not his first, not his second but his third non-emergency 10+ minute phone call in the space of an hour …

Warning: You may be turned on by this, writes Lucky Spinster about her Korean bathhouse experience where she was scrubbed and massaged within an inch of my life.

I hate motorcades. Hate them, writes Ah Bugger

Top 5 Hot Dirty Old Men by Attention Span of a Fly.

Photo: Johnny Rockets under construction at 2000 Penn. Ave. NW;  formerly a Gap store.