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On The Heels Of…Sherri Edelen (An Interview) Stephen Gregory Smith Our writer, a Helen Hayes Award winning DC actor, has started a blog that’s focused on the theater and arts. He’s also interviewing local performers, including Sherri Edelen. In this recent post he writes:
An actress of many strengths, she has been seen at many of our regional theatres, from Rep Stage to Theatre of the First Amendment, and everywhere in between. She won the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Actress in a Resident Musical for her work as Violet Hilton in Side Show, at Signature Theatre. Does this blog make me look fat? The Blinding Glare of the Obvious In this post, Lizzie examines her reasons for blogging, while writing about politics.

So I have to wonder: is blogging one more point for the democratic good guys, providing an alternative venue for the connected masses to share ideas and express themselves, or is it just another medium for the self-obsessed to admire their probable mediocrity, a cyber mirror for the diffidently vain? Also, The Rev. Dr. George W. Bush, Jr. has a dream Was he trying to “clear away the legacy of inequality” when he cut Head Start funding? Did he think that cutting job-training funding would reduce the income gap in this country? Register a car in DC and lose your right to vote? No Pasa Nada Our writer, who has a “passion for politics,” discovers that registering her car in DC will also mean losing her voting rights.
Here’s the conundrum part: I don’t want to get a license in DC. If I do this, that means that I lose my NY license/identity/ability to vote in a real election for people who actually vote in congress. I don’t want to be a registered DC voter. Repeat: I WANT A VOTING MEMBER OF CONGRESS. While this may not be important to most normal 21 year olds, it is terribly important to me. It’s all very meta A Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life Life, “as seen through the eyes of a twenty-something writer who requires a lot of sleep,” draws comparisons between blogging and the show O.C.

The fact is, as bloggers, we’re putting ourselves out there. And we are fascinated by that fact … we are utterly obsessed with our craft. So we analyze it. And why not do that on our blogs too? This really reminds me of “The O.C.,” which is a very meta show. The shows writers are constantly giving their characters lines that reference the show itself (or in many cases, point out the show’s shortcomings or make fun of it). Example from last week’s season premiere ….

Recipes (Of a different sort) My Grass is Blue This post introduces itself:

Last night a couple from our ward that we BARELY KNOW asked Janna and I if we wanted their left over home pregnancy tests. I think that was their way of announcing the impending arrival of their first child.

Once I had done a double take to assure I was hearing right I thought, “What is the correct response to that question?” ….

Also noted: MP3 recommendations, with links, at Last Second Thoughts Disaster planning by Kraehe. Motivated by New Orleans. So I’m putting some camping gear together, i.e., three sets of underwear, a couple tshirts, some toothpaste, deodorant, chocolate bars (one can survive ANYTHING with sufficient chocolate, right?), instant rice, that kind of stuff, in a backpack that I can store in a file drawer at work. Today’s the Day for Siryn’s Song blog. As of this evening (Sunday) this will no longer be a DC Blog…