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Hemingway tribute at Lonnie Bruner that includes a photo. A mid-30s photo and its gun and its era. And remember all right: …

“Because we are the desperate ones,” the man said. “The ones with nothing to lose. We are the completely brutalized ones. We’re worse than the stuff the original Spartacus worked with. But it’s tough to try to do anything with because we have been beaten so far that the only solace is booze and the only pride is in being able to take it. But we’re not all like that. There are some of us that are going to hand it out.” — To Have and Have Not. 1934.

How To Pick Up A Blogger by LMNtal Attraction. Free advice: With a few easy steps, that blogger of your dreams can be all yours. Here’s how …

A police officer who makes an arrest at night may have to be in court early to explain the charges. Why lose the sleep. Police officers may choose not to make an arrest,  explains the blogger at District Matters.

A blogger tries out the self checkout machine at the MLK library. Gallery Place Living: It was fast and easy. Photo of the contraption.

National Treasure, the sequel, is filming in DC. Great weather for it, too. Capital Weather.

Here’s more about the new blog about street harassment at Life Off Balance. Also see Blogging Street Harassment at DCist. Close to 90 comments.

A Total Waste of Makeup gives a guided tour of her Beauty Secrets. Illustrated photo.