DC Blogs Noted

On matters of health care, Merujo of the Church of the Big Sky has put up with a lot and, apparently, more is arriving. This post isn’t about sympathy. She is too strong for that. But it is a statement of fact. (Nod to Erika) It begins, simply: I am, apparently, growing my own forest. Who knew?

Social Life? What Social Life?… Matt, the writer of the blog Deglazed, weighs the cost of his decision to become a chef.

Remember to do a coupon search. Sonnet87 gets a deal.

Spring Edition at the DC Sidewalk Blog. This list goes well beyond sidewalks.

Surgar N Spice and the book she wants to read: I just went on Amazon to order it and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m itching to read it. Ghettonation: A Journey into the Land of Bling and Home of the Shameless, by Cora Daniels, is on shelves now. In it, Ms. Daniels makes the case that ‘ghetto’ is an attitude, a deficient mindset, that has permeated our culture from the boulevard to the cul de sac . . .

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