DC Blogs Noted

Girls hatin’ girls: Is he really worth it? A thoughtful post at Dating is Dead that looks at friendships that tear apart. Recommended by Meghan. An excerpt:

Ladies, we are victims and perpetrators of hating our own gender. At least when it comes to “protecting” the men we consider our investments. We need to step back and evaluate such situations with a rational outlook before acting out our catty, passive aggressive, and, ultimately, unproductive tactics of revenge.

A night out in DC with Rogaine. A report by Washington Jen. Excerpt: 

Everyone looked like swaying zombies … zombies with receding hairlines, as a vast majority of the crowd were men in their early 30’s with premature balding and they were all pathetically on the prowl resulting in creepy stares that seemed to burn holes in my backside …

This writer, Athos, is from Chicago and is experiencing DC dining. From the blog, Dudes on Foods. An excerpt:

Now that I’m in D.C., I crave things like a decent Italian dish or authentic Mexican food. The restaurants here are … pretty. When you walk in, you want to shake the hand of the person who designed the aesthetics and invite them to design your home. When the wait staff walks past you with a load of dishes, it makes your mouth water. When you finally put the food in your mouth, you wonder what the heck happened!

See where blogging can lead: Press box popcorn is the BEST DC Sports Chick sits in the press box at the Caps game.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer tunes into an online discussion at the Washington Post on the HPV vaccine and gets angry.

Sugar, Spice takes her camera to the Tidal Basin for some well captured, early evening shots.

The Duck At L’Enfant Plaza. Real duck, not post-duck, as in dinner. Photos by Penn Quarterlife.