DC Blogs Noted

When the Unthinkable Happens. Frozen Tropics reacts to the sexual assault of a woman in an alley. Two men were involved. One restrained the victim’s three year old. An excerpt:

Crimes like this (occurring during daylight hours, taking place in front of the woman’s daughter) are particularly disturbing. They get under your skin in a way that a simple shooting really can’t. Because they make you wonder how any human can be so depraved, and then they make you wonder what someone like that was even doing down the street from your home.

Cheese Whiz are a food group. An effective use of a cellphone camera to deliver some hilarious cultural observations. LaurieWrites.

Why I’m not wife material. Red Panda Zone explains why married men live longer, her part in the health care crisis, and why emergency rooms are like Republican spa vacations.

Grindhouse review by DC Girl at The Movies: There is no room for logic in the pus-filled, body-part-strewn, melted flesh smorgasbord that is this awesomely fun flick!

Excellent late night sepia toned photograph of Logan Circle by Joe Tresh. Remember film? 

A series of sharp photos of the buyers and sellers at the Eastern Market posted at Digital Grin.

Last call for DC Drinks.

Some very good blog writing tips at problogger.