DC Blogs Noted

A woman who has been out of his life for 6 to 7 years is back and now married, unhappy and as beautiful as ever. Missing all the warnings, the writer is quickly drawn into a deep pool of desire and regret. I Now Pronounce You, in two posts:  Ping Pong, Old Friends in Town, and Bad Decisions and Part II. (Via Rooshv).

Forgive me these, for I have sinned. This writer analyzes, understands, but never exorcises the office jealously that physically tears at her. A very powerful post by DC Katastrophe, who writes:  I am digging my own grave with girlfriend sins one after the other. (Two separate writers recommended this post)

Advice is sought: What do you do about wonderful child next door who smashes a vodka bottle in your yard? Prince of Petworth.

Madam Mayo has assembled a list of Women Writers of Washington DC. Today’s DC.

Google search users interested in the health consequences of smoking cessation, such as quitting smoking withdrawals gas farting, end up at Sarcastic and Cynical