DC Blogs Noted:

The Missing DC Bus Seeking Irony In WMATA’s world, bus drivers don’t respond to calls and supervisors get in their cars and drive around looking for buses. Actual recreated dialog brings you to the scene of this drama. This is a very good post, which I found via a link from Live from the Third Rail: Maybe they should put a picture of the bus on a milk carton )

“So they have some sort of communications devices that they’re supposed to be using, but they’re just not responding.” “Yes.” “So what happens now?”

Blogging from the Base of the Long Tail The Republic of T Are you discouraged because your blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic? It’s not a Kos? Then read this post. A perceptive analysis by this DC Metro area resident and ‘blog master” that explains why lower ranked blogs may have greater reader hours and attention.

It’s easy, particularly in Washington, D.C. to focus almost exclusively on national politics and the stories that inform and drive it, but when it comes to politically engaged blogging, it’s worth remembering Tip O’Neal’s famous tip that all politics is local, and maybe even the feminist adage that the personal is political.

Proud and Lousy Parents (A Southern Maryland thing?) You Look Like I Need a Drink Things noticed at a family playground, such as children eating dirt. But this post starts with an unrelated photo. It begins like this.

I don’t normally post family pictures because of some of the content I post here but damn if this picture of my kid doesn’t make me smile, I don’t know what will. Pictured here, my 5 year old is at Kmart trying on ski masks. ………

Also Noted: Wake me up when September Ends, writes Nasty Nats. Not feeling well? Everyone that I know either has or just had this nasty cold/sinus thing that is being spread around town like the bubonic plague. From Athens Fabulous 101.