DC Blogs Noted

LaurieWrites tells how her godson, accepted at Virgina Tech, had visited the campus this past weekend. She writes: My father said last night that they also found it “much safer than College Park.” This seems so strange, to have heard those words just last night in my house.

A history of school shootings.  A list, by its sheer size, which will shock. Piglet of Fire.

Draw Conclusions On The Wall: What the hell has happened to us?

When I was a college student 40 years ago, no one had guns, let alone think of using them indiscriminately against innocent people because you were pissed off at a professor.

When in New York, Aileen works at the Empire State Building and is there when an attorney jumps to his death. The post, titled: Horrifying to Think About. Infinite Connections (Nod to Reya)

Double story: Caught with a case of wine by a co-worker at Trader Joe’s. And Alex, the dog, must deal with wind and noise. Quiet in the Stacks

weakest. protest. march. ever. A report by Random Duck about the march for DC voting rights. He writes: While there was certainly a long line of buses, there weren’t many people marching toward the Capitol building. Is this the new model protest march?

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