DC Blogs Noted

Manpoo. A haircare product for men. Endorsed by The Playaz Ball. Developed by Rock Creek Rambler. And now at stores everywhere.

S.I.F.A.: A Rip-Roaring Way To Start Your Week. Washington Cube learns a new thing.

Is This The End Of Smash? Don’t let this happen to one of DC’s funniest bloggers — respond to her comment challenge. She wants 40 comments.  Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash. Excerpt:

But, I really think the main reason I am tired of blogging is that YOU PEOPLE make no sense. I write a piece of junk entry saying I’ll be out of town — and I get 14 comments. Yet, when I write a well-thought-out piece of insightful humorous observation, I get 2 comments. What is wrong with you?

Elected officials usually don’t announce offers of bribes. But this is DC. Observations about the plan to give the city use of luxury suite at the Verizon Center in exchange billing taxpayers for an upgrade. At End The Cola Wars!

My First Sorta Carjacking. It looked like the car. Pie Pants.

Metro’s ugly advertising. Metroblogging.

Earth Day Irony, compliments of the thoughtless in Dupont Circle. The Reconstruction.

On hiatus, indefinitely, announces Belle at Dating is Dead.  Who writes: I abandon most things right about the time they start getting interesting.

The sex diary goes mainstream. Jessica Cutler Online.

Blogger event: American Blogstand, Friday, Happy Hour details at I-66.