DC Blogs Noted

Darwin was wrong. Green Canary offers proof that favorable traits don’t always win out in the end. She traces her family history back, way back to the time when her ancestors left Ireland, and writes: When famine hit, they gathered their belongings and packed two wagons – one for personal items, another for prescription medications.

We’ve Lost One Life, Let’s Save the Next One. Adam at District Matters writes about the child killed in a recent hit and run accident and ask DC residents to post intersections that they believe are dangerous. He plans to take the info to the mayor’s office.

My Imaginary Secret Admirer. The paper trail in her car. charlotte harris

20GB on an iPod left to fill. Baby Bananas.

Is no place sacred? Inappropriate phone use. Fictional Rockstar.

The Library of Congress has started a blog, reports Tom Bridge at Metroblogging.