DC Blogs Noted:

I Should Know You “Yousuchacutepuppy! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!” Urban Fantasy The powerful versus a cute puppy. It starts like this:

We’re waiting outside the recording studio in Old Town for the boys to show up. It’s a steroetype, but it’s true: women are just better at getting places …

Also Noted: Married, Married, Not so Contrary is a new blog with one post as of Tuesday. Usually I wait to see if a blog goes beyond one post before linking to it, but this one, written by a 24-year-old woman, law student, sounds like it might be around for a while. The introductory post — What is this all about? — starts like this: I am starting this blog to provide a place where news on marriage can be found in one neat little package. Anyone just needs to take a look around and see that there are major problems in marriage nowadays. The Real Estate Capital Forum is a new blog started by Jim Tracy, a NOVA resident who works at a real estate private equity firm in DC. I started this blog to foster informal, real-time discussion of trends in the real estate industry. His most recent post: Cheaper to Own than to Rent in DC MSA? Really? The Skunkeye Consumer Guide taped the PBS Bob Dylan documentary so he could catch a screening of Michael Almereyda’s William Eggleston in the Real World. A detailed report is offered. A friend gets arrested. Protest report at Jtosh Photoblog: Mazzie. The new place near Dupont for a temporary New Orleans transplant. Photos. From Artjamac