DC Blogs Noted

Best blog post headline of the year: I asked Marc for another dog and instead I got an embryo. The Fabulous Miss S. has a very good reason to feel fabulous.

It’s a girl. Alice’s Adventures Underground

The Alliance for Decency at the Gym. By Jamieson at cockblog who writes: The gym has become a battleground and one can only hope to get out alive these days.

Done in by urban cool. A Letter of Farewell to My Dairy Queen T-Shirt by the writer at Staffman Rocks. An excerpt: I began to realize something was wrong from all the staring I received in the Whole Foods and couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first …

The writer at Restaurants, Sports, and the Law has a “slightly uncomfortable” dinner with his workshop class at the Tabard Inn. But the meal was good.

This experience illustrates why it’s pointless to contest a DC parking ticket. Hybrid Thoughts