DC Blogs Noted

The writer at Teresa and Pepper’s Great Baby Adventure is leaving the city and the familiar. A beautifully written post, titled Last Stop, and recommended by Lumpyhead. An excerpt:

Riding home on the metro I thought about all those little connections to people I don’t really know, but that make up the everyday details of my life. Connections that feel familiar and friendly and that will now disappear without even a goodbye.

Subway State can’t get a cab ride to NE. Excerpt: The cab I am sitting in right now is cab number 20. Not the cab’s number mind you, but literally the 20th cab. Yes I counted the number of cabs that stopped and refused me.

Among the things Escaping the Suburban Rhythm overhears at a Nationals game: “This is officially the gayest stadium I’ve ever been to. Who sings ‘Sweet Caroline’ at a game. …”

Fusion on Barracks Row has a lot going for it, writes Popcorn and Scotch. An excerpt:  For some reason, it seems to be safely shielded from the rampant Hill-rat meat market that abounds in many other Cap Hill establishments. Other pluses …

A couple pulls up in front of the Black Cat and hands out cupcakes, reports The Vapor Trail.

Bodies exhibition in Rosslyn. Kings of the Road writes: Oh. My. God.

A brown recluse spider bite is a nasty thing but life improves by bunnie friday. Rainbows and Soft Serve.

Towing enforced? Andyland wonders if this Arlington restaurant really means what it says. And writes: You have six spaces nearby that very clearly say “20 minute parking – towing enforced.” And you’re not kidding about the towing enforced park. In the 15 minutes I watched this Sunday morning, two tow trucks slowly cased these six spaces.

Visit Street Installations by Mark Jenkins. Incredible work