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Many DC bloggers expressed shock over the loss of the Eastern Market, especially, and the Georgetown Public Library.  Most believe Mayor Fenty will act with resolve to restore these fire damaged buildings, but there is also worry that the old Eastern Market merchants will be replaced by high-end chains and markets. The library received less attention from bloggers and that’s understandable but that fire hurts as well. One blogger at the scene of the library fire wrote: Spectators gathered on the street and wept The Online Diary of Kate Michael ~ Miss DC 2006. But the library can be rebuilt, improved upon and continue its vital service. It’s a much different matter for the Eastern Market. The rebuilding may be as destructive to the Eastern Market as the fire. The fire forces a debate about what has made the Eastern Market important. And this debate began yesterday, with bloggers explaining how deeply the Eastern Market is sewn into the city’s heart.

I’m crying as I type this, in only the way that you can cry when something you hold dear has been hurt. A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

It feels like home. Kristen at Candy Sandwich.

City Mouse: Eastern Market is the reason I moved to the hill five and a half years ago.

The Dumping GroundThis isn’t just the loss of an antiquated grocery store, Eastern Market defines that entire neighborhood – and I’m not just talking about the Metro stop.

Mr. T in DC believes Mayor Fentry will rebuild the Eastern Market, but writes: I just hope the reconstruction proceeds smoothly and isn’t marred by inefficiency or neighborhood infighting.

Writes Leon at Yeah … I Said It about the Eastern Market: Where else can you haggle for relatively affordable one of a kind gift ideas, and also flirt with beautiful Earthy women?

If it were up to me, I would choose to have Eastern Market put back together just the way it was.  — District Matters.

The thought of an Eastern Market of chain stores and restaurants makes me want to cry. I’m not the only person who feels this way. — The Gold Poppy.

Wonkette: What’s On Fire Today in DC