DC Blogs Noted

A woman, a stranger, walks by in tears. And in a searching post, The Lives of the SaintsCountersignature, wonders why. Reya recommended this post and writes: Here’s a beautiful description of a compassionate moment that came out of the nowhere.

Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page observes a couple cuddling at a bus stop, and writes: If they were baby animals, this would have been adorable.

Rooshv: 5 Washington DC Bars for Men.

The Lavatory Lady reviews the lavatories of DC’s restaurants, hotels, grocery stores. Her blog is already flush with reviews (sorry). Among them: Au Bon Pain, 19th & M: there was not one redeeming quality. OK maybe one; there weren’t any living organisms visible to the naked eye. The Occidental: Overall I loved it and not only that, the bartender refused to charge me for my club soda with lime.

Borf Brigade back? Evidently, reports Why.I.Hate.DC, and writes: Those white kids really know how to stick it to the man, the man’s wall, and the day laborer who repaints it.

The top ten reasons to see Saving Aimee at Signature. At Washington Theater.

Here’s a rare chance to run up a bar tab and do good at the same time. Eastern Market fundraisers. District Belle has link.