DC Blogs Noted

The frustration of retrieving a package from a neighborhood U.S. Post Office is turned into a lively, fast-paced and entertaining post by the writer at Just Another Day in Chocolate City. It came recommended by Janet at DC Rush Hour who described it as an excellent assessment of the state of the Postal Service these days (which begs the question: why are they raising rates another two cents, but doing little to improve customer service and productivity?), as well as the attitude of folks who work with the public.

iPod headlines.  DCist: iPod Thefts on Metro Surge. Read Express: Keep an Eye on That iPod, Metro Says. Metro press release: Metro Transit Police fight iPod theft. And, Native Son: Teacher’s Neck Broken in Attack.  iPod thefts are one thing but how many laptops are stolen from Metro riders? The DCBlogs action news team sent an email Thursday to Metro’s public affairs office asking: Do you have similar data on laptop thefts? No response yet. Does Metro even read blogs like this next one …

A Metro bus driver hits on the OC Girl and gives her his number. She’s shocked by the driver’s action and plots her rejection. She also discovers that her experience may not be unique. When OC gets on the bus she observes an interaction between driver and female passenger and suspects that the driver is using his bus route as a dating service.

The South Capitol Street Bridge will be shut down this summer for construction. But people who can prove they use the bridge and agree to use public transport or ride share will be paid $50 a month. CommuterPageBlog has details and links and asks readers: Is it liberal social engineering and another case of a big government give-away?