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Ah, California DC Sleeps Alone Tonight Our writer, who is performing in a touring Kennedy Center production, Alexander, has been on the road. It’s quite a trip. Now in California and previously in Salt Lake, Laramie, Illinois, and other places. The adventure continues post after post — just start reading. This beautifully written excerpt is from Sept. 28.

My body clock is out of whack. I hope it will settle by the weekend because I need more than small naps on a van to keep me functioning. If I do sleep, my dreams are montages of my past, filled with unresolved moments of separation. Men from my past keep popping up in present time situations. I never go back to their time, though, and I suppose it is a good sign (or so an amateur therapist my say) that I stay in my reality …

Political blogs … A Note:
Mayor Williams could have made history had he used his blog to announce his decision not to seek a third term. But I hope that the city’s mayoral candidates follow his example and start blogging. No doubt any mayoral candidate blogger will be hit by an orchestrated snark attack cluttering up post threads. It’s a small risk. A blog will still be more effective in reaching voters than wordy press releases, pointless stump speeches and carefully staged debates. But then, I’m a blogger.
Blogs may have problems but good questions deserve good answers and most readers, especially in this town, know a fake when they see it.

The last point is this: The mayoral contest will be an opportunity for hard-hitting bloggers to distinguish themselves with cogent analysis, original research and precision ranting.
And DC bloggers, especially those who occasionally go to war over absolutely nothing, will be able to use their sometimes destructive, often creative, and usually amusing energies in new ways.
Here’s a blogging round-up on the Williams exit: (I’m sure I missed quite a few, so apologies all around. Add in comments) City Desk: In the end the city’s budget was balanced but a huge deficit was left in its soul.

Washingtonrox: I know, I know, it’d be completely surprising if he went for the Oval Office, but it is interesting to think about. I’d support him. A totally competent politician is an endangered species in this day and age.

Swiftly and With Style: The bow-tied Democrat brought an air of competence and respectability to the city’s government …

Metroblogging at the scene of the announcement: It was probably Tony’s best public appearance ever … I’ve never seen him so comfortable with an audience …

No Monkeys: Tony Williams is calling it a career as D.C.’s mayor. For anyone who has spent any time in the District over the last eight years you know this is not a good thing.

By The Bayou: Williams stalled out. Because he’s basically tone-deaf when it comes to relating to city residents, he was never able to explain the rationale behind some of his ideas, or build any kind of consensus about what should happen in the city …

DCist: Not one to be a lame duck … Williams Wednesday laid out his ten priorities for the coming legislative session.

Another Gay Republican: Williams has been a good mayor and came along at the right time. He was far from perfect, but on balance, he was a success. And did DC ever need a success

Mayor’s blog: Smithsonian Birds. Blog Note: Two Girls in DC (formerly A Girl in DC) is offline. That blog hadn’t been updated in a while, which is usually a sign of something. This was one of the first blogs to link this one, and for that I am most grateful. But in particular I really enjoyed its writing and humor. Hope it’s a temporary hiatus – but if not, a belated applause and salute to one of the best blogs in the city.