DC Blogs Noted

Metro may be immune from lawsuits brought by the survivors of pedestrians who were struck by Metro buses. why.i.hate.dc looks at the issue and arrives at this conclusion: This is a disgrace.

Relationships that end, resume and then … Fields of Plenty by Freckledk (nod to Erika)

Tryst is a place best visited on weekdays, but that’s an option open only to a certain few, writes If you see something, say something, who believes … the secret to becoming a regular at Tryst is to be a member of the non-day job elite …

Tremonkey’s DC Bar Tour is a new blog that has assembled an impressive collection of happy hour links.

A group blog, the DC Craft Mafia, which describes itself as a group of diverse indie businesses who endeavor to bring craftiness to the capitol masses. A recent post is about Annie Cream Cheese in Georgetown