DC Blogs Noted

Editors Note: In celebration of National Highway Week (AP Style note: correct usage is “Freeway Week” on the West Coast), the annual tribute to our many miles of pavement, a collection of car-related blog posts.

The amazing self-healing automobile. It self-expels unnecessary parts! Pygmalion In A Blanket

Amazing but true story:  Car missing since February found parked only four blocks away from owner’s home! City Desk.

An effective, and dare we say, amazing use of a Blackberry in traffic, Hullabaloo For You

An amazing political pairing: Cheney in ’08. Political bumper sticker on parking meter in Dupont by DC Zia.

Outstanding is DCist headline on the amazing report that there are 302 vehicles with 26 or more District parking tickets.

Thank You for our highways and photo, too: U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration. Beltway, mid-1960s.