DC Blogs Noted

There is a lot of rude and thoughtless behavior in this world and Foilwoman provides a guided tour of some of its worse offenders, often men in suits doing their work on the Metro. These are men of some rank, lawyers or government officials. And how does Foilwoman know this? She writes: For the lawyers, it is often a document marked, in bold: Confidential — Attorney-Client Privilege or Confidential — Attorney Work Product. For the government workers, occasionally … the document is marked Confidential or, more rarely, Secret.*

A Moment in a Stylish Life is the title of this touching post by DC Celine, who is carrying a child and describes the many acts of kindness, from friends and strangers, shown her. 

Freedom from Blog reports that in the last few weeks DC Police “have been cracking down, hard, on folks walking their dogs in Logan Circle. They’re out there every night, citing those with dogs off leash.”

A visitor experiences the Metro and writes, I’m in love with the DC Metro. Interesting photo from above of a Dupont Circle Metro entrance. Tyz’s Journal

Bike to Work Day at AOL. A nice round-up with photos of AOL employees, their bikes, and distances. Magic Smoke. And gwadzilla has a number of photos of Bike to Work Day.