DC Blogs Noted

Love is Blonde sold enough things at her yard sale, she writes, to pay for either four pedicures or one pair of designer jeans. Complete recap, including what sold and for how much. Photo.

Dear Dr. Gridlock. The good doctor publishes a letter from someone who dislikes bicyclists. There’s a clever response at Freewheeling Spirit.  

Every lane at Safeway’s Adams Morgan store is an express lane, which makes every lane an un-express lane. I am a lefty explains. 

The scene in Malcolm X Park. My Oyster reports with photos: On Sunday afternoons during the warm weather months, people gather here from 3:00–9:00 p.m. in the upper park to dance, participate in a drum circle, and provide food for the homeless. They have been doing that in this park since the 1950s.

A Not-Dark Dark Beer at $5 a bottle that’s not available in Georgia. dcfud.

Listen to Leon is selling clothes and announces: Now, not only can you read the brilliantly ignorant thoughts that I come up with, but you can also wear them!

Strawberry worship. The strawberry trifle at The Slow Cook. And Sunday’s strawberry harvest at Calendula & Concrete. Photo.

Get Smart invented the shoe-phone. Radical Flower discovers the bra-phone, and writes: Laugh if you want …