DC Blogs Noted

A Baltimore resident who works in DC compares these very different citiesHoly Buck, Fatman! draws from her experience in both cities and includes a scene in a Baltimore bar …  We all sit with the construction workers, the waiters and the unemployed in harmony. There are no suits manically typing away at their blackberrys asking the age ole DC question: “What do you do?”

The boss wants to know if she blogs at work.  And So DC must defend herself and writes: Apparently one of my coworkers, I don’t know who, must think that I blog instead of doing my job and thought to tell him. Isn’t that sweet.

Wedding pick-up lines: “You have some really nice lenses” – a report from the front-lines of boorish behavior by Adventures in Wedding Photography, who writes: There is a very specific reason why I wear a fake wedding band when I do weddings: men are lunatics at weddings.

Is Logan more dangerous than Shaw? Look at the crime stats at Fifth and Oh and don’t skip the comments.

Quite the spectacle just now in DC, writes Droops, who watched the Thunderbirds flyover Tuesday from an office in the Commerce building. But the first reaction is alarm: Panic begins to set in and I start scanning the sky. Nothing on the news. Then the roar comes back and I start looking, and I see them. Video of jets flying over over DC Tuesday. Blip.tv.