DC Blogs Noted

A local ball for “displaced Southerners” gets a fashion critique by a writer who lives up to the name of her blog, The Sassy Blog. Fashion is art, taste and style and it gets a strong reaction in this quippy post. She writes: Since this was a southern event, and being a North Carolina native, I pulled out the fake diamonds and worked my hairspray like it was the last can on-sale at Walgreen’s.

What can a balcony tell you about the occupants of an apartment? Average Jane forms her impressions and wonders what conclusions her neighbors may draw from the things on her balcony.

Anyone have an idea what this is? Brokekid.  Either art, military or Borg scouting party.

There’s nothing better than riding a bike, even after the theft of three previous ones. Team Wet Dog.

Meters Not Zones! A blog about DC Cabs makes note of city announcement Wednesday imposing a $1 per trip fare hike due to increased gasoline prices.