DC Blogs Noted

Fear of flying and all the other things we all worry about in this beautifully written post by What, me, worry? An excerpt:

Whenever I feel my heart start to skip, I try to remind myself that it will end. Even though it feels like it won’t. Even though it feels like a taunt. Because the gyro will right itself.

In the Blink of an Eye. The daughter of a co-worker is fatally hurt in a traffic accident. Women having it all. An excerpt:

And suddenly my 10-pound weight gain, recent argument with mom, and insecurity with Boyfriend fly right out the window – as insignificant as a chewing gum wrapper

A lot of bikes are stolen in DC and if a bike thief can’t take the entire bike he may settle for a wheel or seat. Invest in a strong lock, especially for locking the rear wheel and frame. A separate lock for the front wheel is wise. And read Alternative Hippo’s post, which begins: Yesterday my bike was stolen, virtually under my nose, while I got a quick bite to eat in Georgetown.

Capitol Hill Barbie describes the perks of government work.

A budding economist offers a tip on apartment hunting. Carlarjenkins. And apartment hunting safety tips at the The Catholic University School of Law Housing Blog. Apartment prayer at shiftless badger … deliver us from junior one bedrooms for $1800. (nod to anon)

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