DC Blogs Noted

Something You Don’t Know About Gunfighter. The writer of The View From Here, who pens under the name Gunfighter, tells the story of his first marriage, the separation from his daughter and the resulting family turmoil. Janet at Rush Hour in DC had this to say about this blogger’s work: Really great posts about life, the choices we make, and, in some measure, redemption and new beginnings. There’s a follow-up post here.

A story of teen kicked out a house by an abusive father. Told in interview form by Rantings of a Creole Princes. The post is called Summer job.

The year was 1969 and DCPEG was in the Dupont Circle with a friend who was going to Vietnam. A photographer came by and took their photo.

The remains and grandeur of Eastern Market captured in a photo by Ohad.

Top finds at Dupont Circle Farmers Market by Local Feast

How to Get Married in Washington DC. Step-by-step instruction with photos. Molt Be Blog

Don’t Yell at Me! dc cab rider. More tales from inside the cab.