DC Blogs Noted

El Guapo writes of the significance Memorial Day holds after the loss of a friend. Regarding this post, Lillian of DC to Jerusalem writes in a note …  it’s beautifully written, powerful, and appropriate. It made me get all choked up in a public computer lab …. Many commenters had a similar reaction. An excerpt from El Guapo’s post: 

I looked at the thousands of white headstones marking those who fell fighting for someone’s freedom. The hairs of my skin were at a constant attention as I walked by families and friends paying their respects. My feet guided me where my eyes did not wish to look. My feet guided me onward at a quick pace.

Lonnie Bruner’s boating exploits bring him face-to-face with the U.S. Navy and a .50 caliber machine gun that’s “longer than my living room couch.”

The debut of Metrocurean Radar, an occasional look at the food and restaurant blips that show up on her radar. This first installment looks at the Logan, U Street and Shaw neighborhoods.

Becoming a new yorker, writes The Life and Times of Chai, who writes: what i like about true new yorkers (those who have been here for at least for five years or more) is that they keep it real. they don’t have qualms about stabbing you behind the back and making sure you know. they also don’t have issues with helping you out when times are really tough.

A visitor from Belgium describes the DC bike scene and visits a local bike shop. Belgium Knee Warmers writes: A walk through DuPont Circle will yield a mass of amazing fixed gear machines, some Mad Max in style and others look like they have rolled out of a velodrome.