DC Blogs Noted

The wedding shower theme was “In the Bedroom” so a gift from a sex shop seemed appropriate, or so thought Pie Pants. This one is hilarious writes E:) at Talking Budgie, who wrote in to recommend this post.

Crazy Mike 2001’s legacy is in cement. I must evolve asks: How will you leave your mark on this world?  Reya at The Gold Poppy recommends it and writes: What a great question.

Herndon Botches 10K race. And did they. The Running Reporter, a blog the covers the local running scene,  reports that race officials made a mess of some the most importance elements of a race, such as ensuring runners follow the proper route. Thanks to Team Wet Dog for pointing this post out.

Mice and rat stories by the Prince of Petworth. An excerpt … It was so loud that it woke me from a dead sleep. When my eyes could finally focus I realized it was a “baby squirrel.” Or at least that is what I told my girlfriend at the time.

Gourmet Girls Happy Hour at dcfud.