DC Blogs Noted

A gorgeous woman arrives at a bar and El Guapo is smitten. But she’s with two guys and El Guapo needs a strategy. His wing man provides one. 

A new Hill intern describes her DC experiences so far. The blog is sometimes seismic. Excerpt: . . . And let me tell you, networking is one of the most horribly intimidating things in the world. Talking to people I don’t know and trying to make myself look and sound good is not fun. Not fun at all.

Two exceptional, powerfully written and life affirming posts by writers who lost their fathers. Tender Thoughts was six months old when a random bullet took her father. Church of the Big Sky recalls the last day her father saw the sky.

Wannabe Wino, a goverment minion (really an attorney) who harbors dreams of owning a vineyard, picks her five favorite DC restaurants.

More Harassment on Metro. An anonymous writer descibes an incident. Don’t Be Silent.

Missed opportunity. Hustle’s Hot Corner. In the checkout line of 7-11

The Consistent Inconsistency of Beauty. Fascinating video of beauty through the ages. Art News

Do condo sales parties work? Inside the DC Bubble has doubts, and writes: I  thought the first rule of effective sales is: make the client feel comfortable, not feel intimidated.

Security expert is charged twice for briefs. Texas Viking