DC Blogs Noted

Women who wear flip-flops waddle, complains the writer at the DC Sidewalk Blog, in the post: Ban flip-flops, bring sexy back.

A recently arriving intern from California writes: It seems like people here have less patience, are always moving about. MichaelMichaelMotorcycle.

Eats seven year old Raisin Bran. Dumb Things I Have Done Lately. On the plus side, it’s from a happier time.

What is in the cage? A woman’s ritual revealed at Sarah and the Good Squad.

Metro malfunctions. The first by the writer who is actually on the train stuck under the river, Candy Sandwich, and another by the writer who remembers the movie, Daylight, why.i.hate.dc.

Feel our pain. Quest for Quiet plans to make noise Sunday in Adams Morgan.