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Not before 9, gentlemen. A getting-hit-upon rule by Average Jane.

CIA isn’t as sharp as E. Talking Budgie.

The typical hellish experience of shopping at CVS is preempted by the song Rock Your Baby. If you see something, say something

Stark housing price data compiled by the Northern Viginia Housing Bubble Fallout blog. Its work received a shout-out from Business Week blogger Dean Foust, who writes: According to the data on the NOVA Bubble site, homes in the exurbs are being listed as much as 34% BELOW what they sold for just two years ago, and in the neighborhood that I used to live in, between Old Town Alexandria and Mount Vernon, asking prices are down roughly 12% below prior sales.

Washington City Paper’s video on street harassment.

Wednesday is half-price wine night at Whitlow’s on Wilson, reports DC Gastronome.

First blog ever* at The Raven? Photo.  American de Tocqueville