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The Zoo’s African American Heritage Garden Big Green Chair The writers of this blog take issue with the National Zoo’s African American Heritage Garden and pose provocative questions about it.

… Then we stumbled upon the African American Heritage Garden. Intrigued, we took a closer look. The garden had black-eyed peas, watermelon, peanuts, and okra. Needless to say, we were disgusted. The rest of the time at the zoo and at dinner afterward, we couldn’t stop talking about this garden. The images of ads from the 30s and 40s featuring wide-eyed little black boys chomping on watermelon slices couldn’t leave my head …

Mom’s in the Convent Thoughts and Musing This Bethesda based writer reports on what developed after a nearby Victoria’s Secret filled “three massive window displays with what can be conservatively be called scenes of bondage.” An excerpt from this sharp and stinging post:

… And then a young woman voiced her opinion. “You’re telling me that people take young children to Victoria’s Secret? Blech,” she said. I saw red. I mean, what. Just because I have two little kids running around, I’m supposed to sit home and follow along with Elmo all the time? Or I’m supposed to shell out $12 an hour (the going rate here) for a babysitter to hang out with them while I run errands? I think not …


On the best parking job … ever Throwing Hammers Story and photos about car on a flight of fancy until it ends up on a plyon.

And so let’s say that as you’re flying (not literally – yet) through the little lot between a certain historic building and the Exxon at interstate speed, you see that your headlights are shining not on more roadway, but a large stone wall. And between your car and the wall are a couple pylons. Congratulations. Your life as you know it has now been reduced to a high school physics problem.

(Nod to DirectCurrent for this recommendation) Is DC special? My Life in DC This writer is interested in challenges and wonders if DC tougher place to face them. An excerpt:

…. moving to DC was supposed to be my “Stretch School”, my biggest challenge, my Goliath, and well I have found that a city is a city. While DC offers experiences and scenes I have never encountered, it does not challenge me anymore than I would have been challenged had I chose to stay in the Midwest. The lesson I am learning is that no one else can challenge me in the way that I can challenge myself …

I Love DC DC Donut The title says it all. But … … Like many people who move to DC after college, I just can’t see myself living here forever … Also noted: Life in photos from Danville, Va. Sometimes, DC can be a bit overwhelming and I need to get away for a few days, not to realize that I miss it and love it, but because I just need some time to relax and not worry about traffic, gigs for bands, work and everything else that causes me stress. From Jaded Lens. Just in from Washington Shakespear Co., Katheleen Akerley is Tom Stoppard’s Hapgood. From DC Theater Reviews. About Judith Miller’s Trip to Vegas from Elephant in Exile.
EJ Takes Life makes the Express with her Panda comment.